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I love everyone who loves me. I am also happy to travel to a new home and learn new things.

Please bring something for my siblings

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With 11 years of experience in the field, we are confident in what we do. Its our hobby to breed healthy and or keep your puppies healthy. We are trained to give you the best of puppies . Vaccinate, feed, and play are just a few we offer to keep them healthy, strong and beautiful!!!

We are experts in breeding ..

If any of these breeds fit your dream dog, then you are sure to leave our web shop with a furry friend. Rest assured, our dogs are groomed to coupe with kids and other animals in their new home. If you need help setting up a new recipe for your dog at your home, feel free to ask for help. Our customer support team is always eager to hear from you.

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Pet Sitting

Yea, you got a pet but no time to give the attention your pet needs? We will help you out.

Pet Minding

Its a job to give your pet all you want for them.

Pet Training

Remember, its a new family member and you have to train them just as much as your kids. You wont love a dog scratching your couch right?


Just like other kids at home, they feel loved and belonging to their families, your pet is no difference. We groom and give them a welcome home feeling which is vital for their wellbeing


Happy Faces

We listen to our customers and improve our service skills based on their comments. Some said .......

From our farm with much love

We say thank you

I love my Jenni, she didn't like playing with me at first, but now i have to scream at her to stop and let me work. she's supper sweet.

Jane, NY

I love my pup guys, i changed his name to Cubby, i can't explain but it is. One thing i would say is that you guys should improve your delievery time, it took longer than i expected though.

Mike Brat, UK

She doesn't like eating anything else but the food shipped along side, i had a hard time getting her to love my recipe. She's cute. Am sorry but i punished her for scratching my couch.

Veronica, MH